Sun & Moon Resort

Jet Skiing
Banana Boat
Kayak Canoe

Water Sports

Water Sports is full of fun at Sun & Moon Resort Sun & Moon Resort is one of the resorts that offer you the chance of challenging your skills to the limits, at Rowing Boat, Kayak Canoe, Surf Skis or Windsurfing, jet skiing, surf boards, and speed boats.

The Resort is equipped with all and every quality stuffs with related to water sports. We have arranged many water sport activities for any age category and also youth are mostly involved with our fabulous water sports activities. Beginners can be trained under the supervision of professional trainees of water sports.

Safe environment

Sun & Moon Resort takes unlimited attention to provide a safe water sport environment. We have recognized instructors for following you for your safely

Manner with safety equipment. Our high standard, expert instructors detail attention have given us a high reputation and we are proud of us and to support you. Choose us for your next holidays together with water sports. We are ready to giving you an remarkable experience in the Bentota river basin.